Zen Essence Yoga

“I always walk out of her yoga sessions with a feeling that every cell in my body is relaxed and is connected. If yoga is to mean union, Aniko is a master of teaching you how to feel united with your own self.” (Xuan My Nguyen, London)

Zen Essence Yoga is a system of interaction and communication based on the integration of the major paths of self-development and realisation.

Zen Essence Yoga London

Traditionally, these paths are known as:

  • Jnana Yoga  – the yoga of philosophy
  • Bhakti Yoga  – devotional yoga through faith
  • Raja Yoga     – control of mind fluctuations e.g. Zen
  • Hatha Yoga   – the discipline of mental & physical control
  • Kriya Yoga    – the yoga of chanting & worship
  • Karma Yoga – the yoga of service to others

Zen Essence Yoga draws from the knowledge and wisdom of these disciplines from numerous cultures and that of modern western science to create a common ground between these.

Its aim is to teach the fundamental principles of energy of movement that form the foundation of our daily lives. This is in order to re-connect with our essential self.

The work involves a series of various exercises and movement experiences such as :

  • Meditative breathing and visualisation that discharges excess energy and improves concentration, sensitivity, body co-ordination and stamina
  • Re-education of the nervous system and development of life-force energy in the body
  • Learning exercises, which correct physiological/psychological imbalances and re-align the body
  • Analysing the source or motive of movement and its expression in daily communication
  • Diagnosis and re-balancing of the human aura
  • Exercises for re-balancing the chakras
  • Healing using sound (breathing vibrations, voice harmonics)
  • Understanding the natural laws of movement (gravity, geometry oppositional forces) which are at the foundation of our crystal body
  • Applying these laws and Principles to daily life
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