Dance Mastery

Dance Mastery is an integrative movement system, which explores the underlying principles at the foundation of the dance, how these principles manifest and what we may achieve by tuning into all our faculties (thoughts, emotions, physical body, higher awareness) simultaneously.  It involves the study of breathing techniques, meditation, visualisation, development of life force and studying the laws of movement at the foundation of the dance. The purpose of the work is to facilitate a deeper understanding of our inner nature, which can then be developed into performance.

Dance Mastery involves a series of varying exercises and movement experiences which allow the freedom to enjoy one’s work instead of continuing the daily struggle of dance.

These include:

  • Understanding the natural laws of movement (Center of gravity, geometry, oppositional forces, directions of energy flow) which are at the foundation of dance.
  • Applying these laws to the principle movements in classical dance (plié, tendu, jeté, battements etc.) to improve technique.
  • Development of life force in the body (bio-magnetic energy) in order to learn how energy can move us instead of using muscular strength.
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques to discharge excess energy and improve concentration, body co-ordination and stamina.
  • Learning exercises which correct physiological/psychological imbalances and re-align the body.
  • Selfcare and treatment of injuries and prevention of further damage
  • Analysing an individual’s source of movement in dance and their relationship to space. This leads to clearer communication in performance.
  • Developing an overall perspective of the dynamics between the inner (personal) and outer world environments and how this is used to unite us to the art of dance.

Dance Mastery is a direct method of exploring these parts of ourselves (mind, emotions, body) and their inter-relation during dance.

Dance Mastery has been designed to integrate the most important factors involved in a dancer’s lifestyle. It’s purpose is to develop a greater awareness of the fundamental needs of the dance instrument (your body) and to cope with the demands of the dance Itself.

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