Unstructured Light


Unstructured Light is a multidisciplinary theatre group.

It was founded on the concept of searching for the common factors between song, music, dance, drama and poetry through self exploration and self development techniques. These include meditation, yoga, bio-energy training, group dynamics and communication skills.

The performances which evolved were a result of the fusion between these performing arts and higher awareness training.
The group evolved further by integrating visual arts and other technologies such as lighting, sound, computer graphics, and lasers in its developmental process.
The focus was on producing events which would create a mode of entry for artists and the audience to experience new dimensions of awareness in performance.

The result is a space where an inner transformation may happen both for the artist and the audience. It also moved toward collaborations with guest artists, commissions for organisations, and other groups. We continue to explore new horizons beyond normal limits to expand our scope and public reach.

Our aim is to attract a wide spectrum of interest groups, ages, and people of different backgrounds. We are looking forward to meeting or collaborating with new artists and audiences in our future ventures.


Song, dance, music and characterisation have been used for millenia in the creation of sacred rituals and celebrations which have served as intermediary vehicles between the physical and metaphysical dimensions throughout the world.

The purpose of these rituals was to create a sense of unity or stability in response to the natural changes of life. In ancient Greece, rituals evolved into the medium of theatre and
performance from which the west has inherited its theatre tradition and many cultures today still practice their version of this.

The western theatre today acts as a form of entertainment, although essentially it still serves as an intermediary between the temple / church and the general society. This enables people to explore their lives further through the mythology of their culture which is represented in the plays.

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