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I wanted to write and tell you what an amazing difference yoga has made to my wellbeing in the space of just six months. I have been asthmatic since childhood, and more recently (in middle age!) also hypertensive. Thankfully, both conditions are well controlled with modern drugs, but since starting your weekly yoga sessions at the BBC, two significant changes have occurred –

* My breathing is much improved and I have re-learned exercises I remember being taught as a 5-year old, when my asthma was at its worst. I attend asthma clinics every 3 months or so, and since May my lung capacity (peak flow) has improved by 10%.

* My blood pressure is now at its lowest since first being diagnosed about 8 years ago. A couple of months ago, my GP recorded on my notes that I had been attending regular yoga classes at work, and he wholly approves.

At my routine check-up this morning, I scored a personal “best”! But apart from the obvious beneficial effects on my physical health, I always feel exhilarated, refreshed and mentally alert after your classes; sometimes quite emotional (but always in a very happy way!) – Tuesday evenings have become a highlight of my week and I do so hope that we can find a way to continue in the new year. Thank you for your teaching and patience – you, and the Tuesday yogis, have made a big difference.

I have also sent this to Laura, because if it hadn’t been for her kind suggestion and encouragement that yoga might help my asthma, I would never have tried it. I am sure she will make a wonderful teacher too J Thank you, ladies.”

Engineering Manager, age 51, from London


These classes have been a significant support in my recovery from depression that I fell into last summer, and have given me new ways of looking at life. For this reason I believe yoga will be an important part of my life going forward, too. Thus, I want to thank you for this autumn, and let you know that I very much appreciate the way you teach us yoga as well as the accepting and human way you approach people in general.”

Pauliina, London


She really finds the root of the problem.”

Juliet Nardi, London

I whole-heartedly recommend Aniko – she is in a class of her own.”

Mayan Kurdi, Life Zest Clinic Owner & Massage Therapists, London

The treatments she does is like nothing I have experienced before, I guess the only way to find out what she does, is to go for a session.  Her balanced, non-judgemental ways have a major influence on how you perceive the problems in your life.”

Annelie Nel, Cape Town

She is capable of relaxing me and finding new ways to unlock release and guide me through old ‘trouble-energies’.”

Moira Marin, Finance & Business Managment Ltd. Owner, London

Aniko is an extraordinarily talented performer, a thoughtful and insightful therapist and teacher, and one of the most gentle and compassionate people I have ever met.”

Daniel Gesmer, Owner, Seismic Skate Systems, Inc. 

Aniko has a very unique way of living her life and dealing with people.   She has got an understanding of the body and the energy that we are made of to such a degree that she can create changes without touch.  Her way of dealing with clients (and friends) is very comforting and reassuring, which is a great trait to have.  She is a true inspiration and her life is congruent with her teachings.  If you have a chance to experience any interaction with Aniko, you will change from the inside just by being in her presence.”

Annelie Nel, Cape Town

Aniko is an extremely talented and wonderful yoga teacher. I have the great opportunity to be Aniko’s student for the past 5 years and have benefited greatly from her teachings. Her unique technique makes you feel refreshed after a lesson and most certainly rejuvenated.She provides good guidance for everyone and is very patient with new beginners and experienced student alike. I cannot recommend Aniko enough and would wish everyone to benefit from her teaching one day.”

Angelina Foo, Copenhagen

I Am definitely feeling more balanced.”

Justine Fourie, Shell Oil, London

I suffered from acute pain during my pregnancy caused by fibroids growing in my womb. The pain was so bad that I had to be hospitalised for pain relief. Aniko came to see me at the hospital during a particularly painful episode and gave me a kinesomasis treatment. The treatment was very soothing, helping me to cope better with the pain. Over the next few weeks, I had further treatment with Aniko which helped eliminate the fibroid pain and to make me feel more energised. I also slept better and was able to thrive in the last few weeks of my pregnancy which I believe helped me to give birth to a lovely healthy baby boy.”

Mayan Kurdi, Life Zest Clinic Owner & Massage Therapists, London

Her loving energy is an universe in itself!”

Moira Marin, Finance & Business Managment Ltd. Owner, London

I would highly recommend Aniko because she is a true healer and an inspirational teacher.”

Anonymous, London

I must thank Aniko for introducing me to yoga, i first attended her classes 8 years ago and i because of her inspirational teaching i continue to practice yoga today. she teaches from the heart with originality and compassion, the best yoga teacher i’ve known!”

Anonymous, London

I have been treated by Aniko many times, both before and after my pregnancy. I find the treatments work on a very deep level. Unlike many bodywork treatments which work mainly on a physical level, Aniko’s treatments work both on a physical and on an emotional level. Aniko has insights which she shares with me, helping me to focus on deep-seated issues which have manifested themselves in physical symptoms. I always feel a deep sense of calm and relaxation after the treatments. It is no exaggeration to say that Aniko’s treatment have had a life-changing effect on me, opening up new ways of thinking and allowing me to change direction in my life.”

Mayan Kurdi, Life Zest Clinic Owner & Massage Therapists, London

Aniko is compassionate and has the strength of many. She consistantly encourages balance in everything she does and promotes harmony. Aniko is an amazing Yoga teacher, one of a kind that I have not found anywhere else.”

Jill Hansen, BBC Worldwide, London

I can feel it when I have been going to Aniko’s yoga classes on a regular basis – in my body, yes – but also in my mind. She is a sensitive teacher, gentle but firm, who pushes you to go a little further when she is confident you can and are ready to.”

Jackie Chambers, BBC World Service, London

Aniko is very talented and compassionate therapist and yoga teacher. I was very fortunate meeting Aniko and am thankful to her for the help and guidance she provided for me and my daughter in very challenging time. I wouldn’t hesitated to recommend Aniko and I wish that more people would be able to experience benefits by meeting such a great person and professional as Aniko”

Edite Hill, Cruzel Holiday Jites Owner, Touffaille

Aniko is a very special person. She is not only extremely professional and experienced on her fields but she gave me her 100% inner self loving-energy. Her positive approach to life is truly remarkable!”

Moira Marin, Finance & Business Managment Ltd. Owner, London

I used to have loads of different problems… I started off having a session about once a week, and within 3 weeks, I had almost no pain, no discomfort or any signs that I need a physiotherapist.  It made an instant change in my life, and it is the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Annelie Nel, Cape Town
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